Building a simple Blog with DNN and Azure Websites

Apr 10 2014

It’s a little meta but I have blogged about building this blog using Microsoft Azure Websites and DNN.  So this blog post is about those blog posts which talk about building this blog.   When building a new site, you can either go with what you know, or strike out new.  Of course I went with what I know, but I also got to use all the cool new things available in the DNN World and the Microsoft Azure world.   Follow along if you want to build your own copy of this site (presumably without the same content, of course).   This site uses DNN Platform and the DNN Blog module, and runs on Azure Websites.

Part 1 : Creating a DNN Installation on Microsoft Azure Websites

The first part covers the process of opening an account, creating a new DNN site and getting to the point of a running install.  You can do this whole part without spending a single cent, and it’s surprisingly fast and easy.

Part 2 : Launching a DNN Site on Microsoft Azure Websites

This covers the process of turning a new DNN install into an actual running website with a design, some content and, crucially, a domain name that points at the right place.

Typically, since I started writing these posts Microsoft has rebranded the product and unveiled a new interface, so the content is already out of date.  Such is life in the tech world.


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