New Blog, New Site, New Entry

Mar 18 2014

This is an introductory post on my new personal blog.  While I am still busy posting away at both the DNN Corporate and DNN Community blogs, the subject matter for those is a relatively narrow range, and some of the things I want to blog about don’t really fit.  My iFinity Blog is now retired and dormant, so I won’t be posting there anymore.  The obvious solution was a shiny new site with a shiny new domain and a shiny new blog.

An inspiration for doing this came about during a talk by Scott Hanselman last year – when he introduced the concept of ‘keys left’ – this was a first for me.  Essentially, given your life expectancy and words-per-minute typing speed, there are only so many keystrokes you have left to make.  These shouldn’t be wasted – under any circumstance – on repetitive things.  You need to make your keystrokes live on for a long time and be re-used, over and over again.  Sometimes that is sharing a blog post as an answer to a frequently asked question, sometimes that is writing up a problem you just solved, for that all-too-common scenario when you search for a problem, only to find that you have already solved it and blogged about it in the past.  That has happened to me on multiple occasions.

You might ask – why the ‘r’ - as in brucerchapman.  Well, my parents, in their parental way, failed to foresee a future where the world would decide on using peoples names in a namespace that didn’t allow duplicates.  So they gave me a name which is apparently quite common.  I even had the same name as a lecturer at my university – who thought I was being funny and threatened to eject me from class if I didn’t tell him my real name.   But alas we shared the same globally-non-unique-identifier [is that a GNUID?].  I’ve always worked around this by putting in my middle initial of ‘R’.  It’s my twitter handle as well as many others.  And I was nowhere near organised to jump in on the initial global .com landrush.  That other guy who did win the race lives in the Bay Area and talks about self defense and things like that – I’ve read a few posts, we are definitely not the same person.  So remember the ‘R’ and everything will be alright.

So this is my new personal blog.  It’s all my opinion, not that of anyone I have worked for, do work for, am yet to work for or would like to work for.  It’s definitely not the opinion of those who share my name.  Nor is it the opinions of my friends, family, acquaintances or offspring.  All the mistakes made will be mine, except, of course, where I quote someone else’s mistake without knowing it, which is a mistake in itself.

Thanks for reading and I hope you stick around for the posts to come.


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